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Protecting Your Beauty

The Rajeunir Medical Aesthetics Philosophy

At Rajeunir Medical Aesthetics in Bellevue, our motto is “protecting the beauty of the patient.” Our team members, led by Dr. Mona Shawky, live this motto each day by delivering safe, skillful aesthetic interventions that preserve and enhance the natural beauty of our patients.

We look at our patients artistically, not just medically, to ensure that each treatment or change we make enhances your core aesthetic. Our goal is to help you achieve the most beautiful version of yourself possible in a way that is as natural as possible. Our team members use their knowledge of human anatomy to reduce the chance of side effects and negative outcomes. If you are looking for thoughtful, beautiful aesthetic treatments from a trusted and reliable source, Rajeunir Medical Aesthetics is here to protect your beauty.

Rajeunir Medical Aesthetics in Bellevue - About Us

About Our Founder

Dr. Mona Shawky

Driven by excellence, Dr. Mona Shawky is a highly credentialed expert with more than 30 years of experience and multiple degrees from prestigious universities. Dr. Shawky’s thirst for knowledge and commitment to her patients inspired her to train with some of the world’s top experts in aesthetic medicine.

A true advocate for her patients, Dr. Shawky does more than apply her expertise to alleviate her patients’ concerns. She makes a focused effort to educate each patient on the causes of their condition and the science behind the most innovative solutions available today. Dr. Shawky aims to empower patients to make the most informed decision about their care, as well as provide them with the knowledge and tools to maximize the quality and duration of their results.

Taking a concerted approach to each patient’s treatment, Dr. Shawky goes the extra mile to ensure that you are heard, seen, and supported throughout the course of your treatment and beyond. Providing her phone number, Dr. Shawky makes herself available to her patients for events as well as questions regarding their treatment and aftercare. At Rajeunir Medical, you can expect expert, concierge-level care designed to optimize your health and appearance. Learn more about Dr. Shawky and her steadfast commitment to each individual’s experience and well-being.

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