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The Easy Path to Rejuvenation

Bellevue EZ Gel at Rajeunir Medical

Dermal fillers offer a broad range of benefits for patients interested in enhancing facial definition and youthfulness. However, traditional fillers use synthetic ingredients that may only be ideal for some patients. Fortunately, EZ Gel Plasma Filler is a completely natural solution that uses your body's growth factors to provide you with authentic, long-lasting rejuvenation.

The process is easy, and minimal recovery makes it an all-around attractive option for patients of all demographics. Learn more about this groundbreaking alternative to synthetic dermal fillers and schedule your consultation to discuss your personalized treatment with Dr. Mona Shawky.

100% Natural Dermal Filler

What is EZ Gel?

With EZ Gel Bellevue area clients to Rajeunir Medical have an innovative aesthetic treatment known for its natural composition and regenerative properties. This filler, made from 100% natural ingredients, combines serum albumin and growth factors sourced from the patient's own blood. By utilizing the body's own powerful proteins rather than relying on synthetic components, the plasma filler becomes an ideal solution for skin rejuvenation and added volume.

This treatment enhances the skin's appearance, promotes regeneration, and adds volume to areas that may have experienced volume loss or signs of aging. With its unique approach and utilization of the body's own resources, Bellevue EZ Gel Plasma Filler now available at Rajeunir Medical offers a promising option for those seeking a natural and effective aesthetic solution.

EZ Gel Bellevue, WA  Bellevue

Restore & Refine Your Youthful Complexion

What are the Benefits of EZ Gel?

EZ Gel Plasma offers a broad range of benefits for those looking to treat their concerns naturally. This innovative product serves multiple purposes, providing solutions for volume enhancement, symmetry adjustment, and skin rejuvenation. Its incredible capabilities go beyond superficial concerns to address deeper issues such as collagen production, the reduction of aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin, and the elimination of acne scars.

When it comes to facial treatments, EZ Gel Plasma proves to be invaluable—proven effective in various areas of the face, including under-eye hollows, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, cheeks, marionette lines, smoker lines, chin, jawline, and lips. EZ Gel can highlight and refine your unique beauty by targeting these specific regions. Last but certainly not least, EZ Gel presents extremely minimal risks because it is composed exclusively of natural ingredients from your own body.


Your EZ Gel Consultation

In your consultation with Dr. Mona Shawky, she will assess your facial structure, concerns, medical background, and treatment objectives to determine if EZ Gel is the ideal solution for you. Depending on your circumstances, she might suggest a combination therapy incorporating EZ Gel with another treatment.

Dr. Shawky employs the BeautiPHIcation™ philosophy, developed by the esteemed plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Swift, to ensure the most natural and visually pleasing outcomes. This philosophy emphasizes carefully considering facial proportions, guided by the golden ratio observed in nature, art, and architecture.

Advanced Solution. Easy Treatment.

Your EZ Gel Procedure

The EZ Gel process begins with a small sample of your blood. The sample will then be placed in a centrifuge to extract PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) and albumin-packed plasma. These powerful growth factors will then be heated and combined to produce a concentrated regenerative gel serum injected directly into targeted areas.

While your EZ Gel serum is being prepared, Dr. Shawky may apply a numbing cream to the treatment area and allow it to take effect for 30 minutes. Once you and your serum are ready, Dr. Shawky will meticulously administer your EZ Gel via a series of injections using an ultra-fine needle. Once the injection process is complete, you will be free to return to your day!

Additional Reading

EZ Gel Bellevue, WA  Bellevue

Take It Easy.

EZ Gel Recovery & Aftercare

After your appointment, minimal recovery and aftercare are necessary, and no downtime is required. After your EZ Gel treatment, you might experience temporary redness, swelling, or bruising, which usually subsides within a few days. You should avoid strenuous activities, sweating, and exposure to excessive heat for at least 24 hours following your treatment.

A Gorgeous Look That Lasts

EZ Gel Results

Most patients notice a difference in treated areas within 24-48 days after their appointment. You can expect your EZ Gel results to last approximately six months to a year. You can maintain your natural youthful look with touch-up treatments.

EZ Gel Frequently Asked Questions

While EZ Gel contains PRF, it takes natural rejuvenation to the next level by creating a more concentrated growth factor solution.

Side effects from EZ Gel treatment are generally mild and include bruising, swelling, tenderness, infection, asymmetry, or bleeding. With any procedure, selecting a reputable provider and following their instructions closely to reduce risks and optimize results is important.

Experience the difference that comes with truly expert care. Book your appointment to realize your best wellness and aesthetics results with innovative, personalized treatment in Bellevue.

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